Faerwind Riots

Tensions between Faerwind and central Ruland rose over the last twenty years. The empire proposed the construction of a railroad through the northern woods to Faerwind. This was strongly opposed by the natives, as they believed it would disrupt the natural balance. This, coupled with the detention of divine spellcasters and the disruption of the region’s economy by the Alchemist Guild culminated it what is now known as the Faerwind Riots.

In 828, gunshots from unknown sources led to the death of two Faerwinders and one Rulish officer, causing a civil war in the village streets.

Fearing that this riot would evolve into something worse, [:emperor|Emperor Keidan] ordered the use of military airships on the city. These airships, produced too late to be used in the Arbor War, were demonstrated at last to the Rulish people as they unleashed explosive payloads on the city without fear of retaliation. This quelled the resistance immediately, and the event became popularly (and accurately) known by Faerwinders as the Faerwind Massacre.

The people of central Ruland, however, marveled at the power of their own military, bolstering faith in the government. Accurate casualty reports never made it back to the people, and any figure listed over 50 was dismissed by the government, as they claimed the siege was strategic and aimed at minimizing casualties.

Faerwind Riots

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